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            Thank you for viewing my images. I am a first generation immigrant, living in the United States since 2002.  I am based in Sacramento, California. I am a nature, landscape and lifestyle photographer.  
            My interest in photography started about 10 years ago.  I seriously started shooting landscape and nature scenes about 3 years ago. From that point on, photography became an obsession of mine. Photography to me is an expression of my feelings, based on my vision and love for nature.
            I enjoy many different aspects of photography. However, I find panoramic vision to be the most exciting path for my projects. Taking panoramic pictures is filled with high action and it gives me an adrenaline rush.  Getting up at 1am, driving for 4 hours, and looking for beautiful places until dusk is how I like to spend my days. I also enjoy the aspect of bringing an image to life from the digital side. I love strong nature compositions that convey action. 

            I am currently producing panoramic images for homes and offices. I also create on-demand vision projects. If you have any questions about my images or would like to discuss photography projects, please contact me via email at:   kwalkowski11@yahoo.com

The above image measurement are:
95 x 41 inch
241 x 104 cm

My Publications:

Epson Pano Awards:

 pano logo

2015 Epson Pano Award for Grand Prismatic Image:


Grand Prismatic

2016-pano-awards-amateur-silver-81 2016-pano-awards-amateur-bronze-108 2016-pano-awards-amateur-bronze-121 2016-pano-awards-amateur-bronze-196 2016-pano-awards-amateur-bronze-327 2016-pano-awards-amateur-bronze-415 2016-pano-awards-amateur-bronze-515 2016-pano-awards-amateur-bronze-554

Outdoor Photographer Magazine:

Outdoor {P

The Magic Of Upper Antelope: November, 2016 – Photo Of The Day


The Grace Within The Canyon: August, 2016 – Stormscapes Assignment Winner

The Grace Within The Canyon web


 California Spring: May, 2016 – Spring Has Sprung Assignment Winner

California Spring Web



Valley Of The Rocks: May, 2016 Photo Of The Day


Valley Of The Rocks OM:shutter last



Sunbeams Strike: August, 2015 – First Light Assignment #219 Winner

Sunbeams Strike2 OM Light Assin

Bisons on the Meadow: July 2015 – Photo Of The Day

Bisons on the Meadow

The Beavers World: August 2015 – Photo Of The Day

Grand Teton

The Lake – June 2014  – Black and White Cover Assignment #182 Print In Magazine:

The Lake Website

National Geographic Magazine:

National Geo
The Grace Within The Canyon – Publication in Assignment: Beautiful Destinations
The Grace Within The Canyon web
National Park Pictures: Mesa Arch Canyonlands National Park in Utah:
Mesa Arch OM Final Amer Land 2015 1-20-15

Editor’s Favorite:

Abandoned Post:

Abandoned Post 3.5mb

Sunbeams Attack:

Sunbeams Attack web 1mb
Cheers and
Thank you,
Kris Walkowski